Kids birthday parties

Always original and first in everything .... with you since 2002!

We started in Monte Serpente and continued in Marelica (we revived and popularized a space that stood closed for 20 years, with our own resources), and now we've moved into a new, 200 m2 large area in Medulinska 1 street, where we continue to organize the wackiest parties in our town!

We organize birthday parties in our or your premises (our animators are coming to your place with all the necessary equipment).

What is included in basic price:

  • 2.5 hours of fun and games, disco show
  • two animators
  • snacks (several types), soft drinks (carbonated and noncarbonated) - unlimited consumption
  • pizzas, invitations, small gifts (3 are included in the price, you can pay extra to provide gifts for all children)
  • digital birthday phtos
  • summer water party

For additional charge, we offer:

  • many additional themed parties (call us for further clarification), karaoke
  • interesting interactive puppet shows
  • order and delivery of cakes, cake fountains
  • balloon decorations, helium balloons, figurines made of balloons ...

N e w in our offer ! ! !

Organization of birthday parties for the "big" boys and girls (11-14 years)

Design your own birthday, be an animator to your guests, play game you want to play, watch a movie on the big screen, listen to the music, dance, have fun without parents or other adult "bores" (DJ only).

Included in the price:
pizzas, snacks, drinks, invitations, disco lighting, sound system, music, big screen, DJ

For additional charge, you can order a cake and karaoke or some other themed party.

Party duration is 2,5 hours

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